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CHRYSALIS(2018) by Siqi Xu is an experimental short film that explores dance as a metaphor for personal discovery and self-acceptance. Structured as a journey, this live-action video of a dancer enhanced against a background of special effects conveys the emotional challenges that are overcome in life’s various stages. Loneliness and sadness are visualized through gesture and sound as inner turmoil is surmounted in a quest for harmony and self-awareness.

Experimental Short Film

Director : Siqi Xu
Director of Photography : Mattia Palombi
Assistant Camera: Rene Auguste
Dancer and Choreographer : Kate griffler
Makeup Artist : Make susan khan
Thesis Advisor : John Mattiuzzi

- Semi-Finalist (Alternative)
96th ADC Annual Awards
- Young Ones Finalist
23rd Annual Cucalorus Film Festival
- Official Selection
17th Annual Coney Island Film Festival
- Official Selection (Experimental)
5th Annual Nighthawk Film Festival
- Official Selection (Music Driven)
40 NORTH Dance Film Festival
- Official Selection
Los Angeles CineFest
- Semi-Finalist
International Music Video Underground
- Official Selection (Best Dance Video)
Monmouth Film Festival
- Official Selection
SHORT to the Point
- Official Selection (Short)
Roma Cinema DOC
- Official Selection
New York Short Film Tuesdays
- Official Selection(Short Film)
Greensboro Dance Film Festival
- Award-Winner (Short Film)
The Monthly Film Festival
- Official Selection
Largo Film Awards
- Official Selection
Bucharest Film Awards
- Official Selection
FROSTBITE International Indie Fest
- Finalist

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